Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mad Science....

Ok so the party was a HUGE hit. Three of the children here said this was the BEST birthday party they have ever attended and Dawson said this was his BEST birthday EVER EVER EVER EVER to infinity. :D I guess that's pretty good considering that there were only 10 kids here....3 of the being mine. lol But all the kids seems to have a REALLY good time...I had fun too...hehe.


We started the the day by introducing them to the "lab" and I gave each child a turn to attempt to squeeze a raw egg in the attempt to crack it. me didn't break. Some of the kids thought I had a "fake" egg....but I made sure to crack it open and show them.

After that we did some experiments with packing peanuts (styrofoam vs corn starch) to show how HORRIBLE styrofoam was for the environment. They were pretty amazed to see the corn starch ones dissolve in water.

Then we did some static electricity experiments......we had styrofoam beads (I know I know...I just told them it was HORRIBLE for the environment) in test tubes and used our hands to show how the static electricity made the beads dance around in their tube. We then filled it with water to show the buoyancy of the stryofoam and we made them into tornado tubes for them to take home. We also poured salt and pepper onto a plate and separated the pepper from the salt with a straw using static.

After those experiments we made test tube lava lamps. SUPER cool! They were pretty excited to be taking those home as well.

We did a few "group" experiments before making our own ice cream in a bag. We smashed wintergreen lifesavers in the dark to see the light energy that they create, and we also blew up a balloon using vinegar and baking soda.


THEN came the time to make the ice cream. The kids shook themselves silly with that. It was a GREAT way to burn off some energy mid-way through the party. IMG_7998

(the kids shaking their ice cream with a VERY slow shutter speed...created a COOL effect)



(more ice cream shaking)



(still shaking)

After they made their ice cream they sang Happy Birthday (x2 because Ky wanted to be on camera duty and ended up with 0 pics) and had their home made slime filled cupcakes. YUM!


(singing Happy Birthday)


(slime cupcakes)


Then we opened some presents....







After presents we made squid cartesian divers. And some oobleck. OOBLECK IS THE MOST AWESOME STUFF according to the kids here....ranging in age from 7-15. SERIOUSLY they ALL LOVED it...Can ya tell?



(squid divers)



(this is the aftermath...I wasn't able to get pics of them messing with it. But we decided in the summer to have a "party"...for what I have NO CLUE...and do like "games and stuff" and we will make a HUGE pool of oobleck to play it. :D)


(more oobleck mess....aftermath)


We gave out baggies of oobleck to take home, along with their tornado tube, lava lamp, and squid divers.


As the party came to an end, we went out and dropped about 5 mentos in some coke...and watched the FUN fountain. We ended up keeping MOST of the kids here for a sort of AFTER party. lol The girls played some cranium games, and the boys played bakugan/pokemon. Most of the kids left around 6-6:15...we kept one for dinner.....(Dawson's BEST buddy from the neighborhood who is AMAZING with him...he is 10...but LOVES playing with Dawson. They get along so wonderfully.)


But....all in all a GOOD outcome for the party. Everybody seemed happy.

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  1. Looks like it was an awesome party, I meant to send you a few of our favorite experiments but will send them so you can use them for your summer party. It sounds like you had everything covered and a bunch of fun stuff to do! Dawson looks so grown up with his hair longer. I also meant to tell you walmart has something called funky experiments Cody got one for's a box with a bunch of fun stuff. Where did you buy your test tubes? I'm off to google some of your stuff, Thanks for sharing! Great pictures!