Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Get Silly....

ah....these are days/nights that I LOVE having children. We had a relatively good day as far as schooling goes. We got quite a few lessons done, and had a lot of time to spare for the day. We ended up doing absolutely NOTHING other than have a good time for the majority of the evening. Dancing around, singing, playing cards, and just being US.....nowhere to be, nothing to do (though I am sure I could have found SOMETHING)....just FUN TIMES.


I have been doing fairly well with picking up my camera on a daily basis and NOT taking pics of the kids. Though I am kind of regretting not doing 365 of the kids, but I guess I could start at ANYTIME.....It will be neat to see the changes in them over the course of the year. I think I MAY start this on Sunday. We will see.


Not too much else to report really....still working through my confusing emotions that I have been dealing with lately. *sigh...I will work through it though...and maybe even post about it. :)


Have a good night.

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