Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Truth Hurts - It's Only Ruined Because You Ruined It

The Truth Hurts:

The sting of being called out in a public forum regarding one's hypocrisies is apparently too much for some people to handle. A topic that I actually had planned on doing an #insensitiveTuesday post about in 2 weeks came up on a person's wall and my response to the OP caused quite a stir. Of course it resulted in me being called rude and judgmental and then being subsequently blocked because frankly.... The Truth Hurts.

If you're going to claim that your holiday dinner is ruined due to the fact that you cannot pass up an incredible deal at Wal-Mart and how sick it makes, you can most certainly expect me to comment. Apparently my comments were viewed as "shitty" and "nasty" ... so... here they are:

"You do realize that you are just playing in to the retailers. If you continue to shop they will continue to do things like this. Not only are the consumers devaluing their own families by shopping on a holiday but they are forcing others from their families to work on days like this. And yet we all sit back and wonder what our country has come to. Is the "deal" THAT important?? You are basically stating that your family isn't worth the dollar value of the money you're saving."

"It still doesn't change the fact that you are ripping others away from their families."

"And.... if you are talking about your previous comment on this post, you said nothing about your family not being together, just your boys being with their father. Do you not consider your husband and his children "your family"?"

"I wasn't being nasty, I was being honest. You're upset because it's true and you don't want to see it because it makes you feel crappy."

"You claimed you felt sick over it... to me that's crappy. You can claim that I am being nasty all you want. I am just speaking the cold, hard truth. If you want something to change, you have to be willing to change it rather than playing in to things. This is where our country is going wrong.

I have no issues being "the bad guy" when it comes to speaking he truth, somebody has to do it.

If you are complacent about something, you may as well be the perpetrator. Take a stand against something if you feel strongly enough about it to make you sick. If you don't feel strongly about it, then sit by and participate. But know that you are taking part in the downfall of the American family. When American's are forced to forego family in the name of material happiness something is wrong."

Shitty? I didn't think so. Nasty? I didn't think so. Everything I said was TRUE. I cannot help that my comment made you feel like a piece of shit... because frankly... The Truth Hurts.

One cannot complain about something being ruined if you are making a conscious choice to take part in the exact thing you claim is ruining it.