Monday, January 5, 2009

Full House....

*not sure why this didn't publish last night, but I did blog this on Jan 4, 2009.


Wow.....please tell me again why I continue to host things in my *all too small of a house*.....we had a combined b-day party last night for Dawson (7), my neice K (5), my cousin A (18) and my mom. Ya I know what you are's all good though. Things went fairly well despite the fact that my house was standing room only for the most part. lol. Dawson is pretty excited about his new gift....a GUITAR! He played for a good while last night and really can't wait to start learning how to really play.







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  1. What a great gift. Madeline has been asking for one of those also for about two years now. My parents were going to give her one for Christmas but did the Guitar Hero game route. She really wants a real one. Happy Birthday D !!