Thursday, January 7, 2010

A week of Blogs.....

....well today marks the one week mark. :) woooohooo! Though I don't really have anything blog worthy. Kyley had auditions today and she feels that she did well, she auditions again next week and then parts are given out on the 21st. She is pretty excited about it. :) Though she told me today that she doesn't really want to play the lead.

Matt and Dawson are both feeling a lot better than they were so that's a bonus. Matt even picked up some of the responsibility today by taking Ky to theater and picking her up and taking her to karate, which Dawson skipped because he is still coughing. He is NOT happy though because he hasn't been there at all this week and it is weapons week. *sigh...poor guy.

I had a nice heart to heart talk with my friend today and I am hoping that things will clear up after this. Right now I am still not sure where we stand...mostly on my part, but who knows what will come of it.

Not much else to report other than I still haven't been able to do any uploading, I promise that I am shooting though. I will have all the days I missed up and running. I think I might need a new card reader.....or just a new computer. ;)

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