Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2

Day 2 is coming in a little late, we have been having Wii Fit Plus competitions nearly all day long. We are addicted...yes all of us. :) At least we are getting something out of it right.

I wanted to let people out there in blog land who aren't followers of my facebook that there is an amazing woman out there who writes beautifully about matters near and dear to my heart. Woman Uncensored is written in a way that really makes you think about matters that most people don't really give a second thought to. I highly recommend checking her out.

Not much else to report other than a SUPER lazy day.


Here are my pics of the day...nothing super creative because we were busy playing the Wii most of the day...but something to show about our day though.


Self Portrait # 2....



Photo # 2


It's a Wii kind of day..what can I say....:)

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