Monday, January 11, 2010

More snow...

*sigh...I guess that's what you get when you live in NE USA in the winter time, eh? I thought for sure we would be good for the rest of the winter but I guess I was mistaking. Oh well...such is the life. Not too much going on here today, I had a full day of teaching the crew in that went pretty well, a little bit of a rough start this morning, but after we got back into the groove it was great. I was feeling the motivation that I needed to get a lot of things done and I am pretty excited about our new adventure.
I slacked off on blogging yesterday...I know I know...but I have been keeping up with both blogs daily's been a decent amount of work. I still went to dedicate this blog to my lovely hot button topics that I LOVE debating I think I am going to start blogging more of that stuff here. I just need some decent ideas.  I have one started on traditions and then another on I will work on those.

As for pic...I took some today on the pocket camera again...ugh...and it's still acting up when uploading.

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