Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 4....sick, sick and more sick

Let me just lead into this saying that I absolutely cannot stand  most doctors. I have found, through personal experience, that they are egotistical, power hungry people who think that they are indeed a god-like being and that everything they say should be taken as law. Well I am not the type of person to just lay down and not research something. ANYWAY....with that being said I have been in and out of different doctors' offices or pharmacies or labs ALL FREAKING DAY! OMG I have had ENOUGH!

Everybody in my house is sick, with the exception of myself and I am loading up on herbs to try to keep it that way. Dawson was at the doc this morning, he has a sinus infection, some fluid in his ears, swollen glands/lymphs and then his asthma is HORRIFIC. Ky has tonsilitis and a sinus infection. Britt as a viral infection/cold/laryngitis and Matt has strep and swollen glands. I swear my house is a bacteria factory. *shudder* I  have been going around with the TTO like mad.

So I was at the doc this morning with the kiddies and such, then this afternoon I had to take my gram for her post hospitalization check up. She is doing better than she was, but still not 100%. The doc wants to try some new meds to see if they can get her breathing a little better. I am pushing for some PT because I think she needs it. She is having some serious balance/falling issues.

Anyway...enough sickness. Nothing new on our "drama front" contact what-so-ever, but the car is still here and the phone is still freaking knows.


But I am hoping to get some sleep this evening...I am BEAT.

So here is #4 self portrait ...the girls and I were being's what we do.


*note...I am really NOT that much taller than them, Britt was on her squatting for some reason. LOL....

# 4 of 365


My princess Kitty!

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