Friday, July 25, 2008

Out of the Closet... June 2007

n today's society hiding in the closet when you are "out of the norm" is quite the "norm" ironically, and this weekend confirmed that for me. Dawson, Kyley, and I went to visit visit a friend and her family this weekend and Dawson and Z (my friend's son who is the same age as Dawson) had quite the interesting conversation, which actually sparked the thought for this blog. So the setting is....we(Dawson, Z, and I are in the tent in the backyard (it was National Backyard Campout Day on Saturday, did you know that?), and Dawson was wanting to go sit out of the tent, and I asked why and he really didn't answer, so I was kind of figuring that he was wanting to nurse but wasn't sure what Z would think. So I whispered to him, do you want to go outside to have "boob"? And he said yes....I said...just roll over and you can have some. And he said...wait...and the conversation goes as follows: (It reminded me of an AA meeting or
D: "Z" how old are you?
Z: I am 5.
D: Do you drink boob?
(apparently Z didn't really hear correctly...or was unsure of what Dawson was talking about)
Z: Ya I drink it.
D: Oh good...Me too.
Then Dawson apparently satisfied with the fact that he is not "abnormal" rolls over and nurses to sleep.
Ok...this is HORRIBLE that a 5 year old feels the need to hide the fact that he is still nursing for fear of what other's will say or do to him. We have been in quite a few situations over the past 2 years or so where people approach him and ridicule him for nursing, usually telling him that he is "too big" or "that's gross" or "that's for babies"
We, as Americans, are pressured into hiding in the closet sometimes in fear of our lives for being different. Society can be so evil and hateful especially when faced with people who walk outside of the mainstream line.

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