Sunday, March 29, 2009

Do as I say.....

....not as I do. This seems to be the mind set that the majority of the American society has, especially in regards to our youth. The new generation of youth are the most inconsiderate, disrespectful in the nation over the past few decades. We, as a society, have created these "monsters" with our do as I say not as I do attitude. I have always led by example when it comes to my children. My children see my holding doors for elderly people, or people with strollers, or people in wheelchairs, so therefore my children do the same without even being asked (most of the time anyway). When I ask my children to do something it comes with a 'please do ......' and when they do I am sure to thank them for the assistance. It comes without even it should because it is BASIC ETIQUETTE. This isn't something that is taught in a 4 yr college or anything. It is simple manners people. This is all brought upon by a recent trip to the zoo. We were visiting the zoo and as we were leaving the aquarium there was a lady with a double stroller and another younger child in toe so Dawson immediately (without being asked) opened the 1st set of doors for her and I went through, said thank you and opened the 2nd set. Well the lady went through along with about 10 other sets of visitors and only ONE couple (an elderly couple that passed through last) said Thank you to Dawson for holding the door....ok I know people are ignorant and rude at times, but apparently they had some basic manners because they ALL said Thank you to me. WTF?!?! My 7 yo son is not worthy of a thank you after holding the door for your ignorant ass passed through it. I know he THINKS he has super powers, but I can assure you he was NOT using his invisibility powers that day. I know they saw him, but they thought so little of him that they passed by him without the courtesy of saying thank you. UGH I was furious, but knowing Dawson....I knew he would handle it in his own way..and he did. He said LOUD enough for them to hear 'You're Welcome!'

That's my boy!

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