Sunday, January 23, 2011

Letting go...

As I allow the walls to crumble down, exposing my vulnerability and weaknesses, I feel the need to let go of the past. The past is no longer who I am, it has shaped me into who I have become, however I will no longer allow it to control me, or my future for that matter.  I have allowed many situations from my past to continually control me in the present, some in a good way, others in not such a wonderful way. At this point I have made the decision to let it all go.

1)      I will no longer allow the actions of others to controls my feelings or actions.
2)      I will no longer dwell on the past. What is done is done and I cannot change that.
3)      I will no longer worry about the future either.
4)      I will no longer hold a grudge (as I have so often been known to do.)
5)      I will no longer base my happiness on how others are acting or treating me.
6)      I will no longer worry about money and material possessions.
7)      I will no longer wait to do things that I have always wanted to do.
8)     I will no longer try to control every aspect of my life, and others around me.

    As I was writing this blog I stumbled across this wonderful article (it was actually on my home page after I had written out the above) and it basically sums up everything that I am feeling that I need to let go of in this very moment.

    I think that over the next few days I will try to touch on each of these things that I want to let go of and explain a little in depth about how I plan on achieving that, but for now I will leave you with a list of things that I WILL be doing in 2011.

    1)      I will seek out things that I want to do and do them.
    2)      I will rid my life completely of all of those that I feel are toxic to me.
    3)      I will forgive and move on.
    4)      I will take more time to focus on me.

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