Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Universe hates me right now!

I don't recall doing anything horrible. We have been making a conscious effort to 'Go Green' here in our house so that we can Save The Planet. I was green and crunchy before this but we are doing everything in our power to reduce and reuse the waste that we are putting back into the Earth. So I am not sure exactly what I have done to have such horrible Karma coming my way this week. But I do.

Yesterday, I woke up and went to turn on my PC as I do every morning and NOTHING! No power at all. Hmm. So I went on my laptop to try some troubleshooting tips only to find out that my motherboard was bad. UGH UGH UGH! Thankfully I had my laptop as backup, though I really don't like being on it. Well, after coming to grips with the fact that I had just lost ALL of my music and photos, I was ok with it. I had that computer for @ 7yrs so....it lasted a good while for the  usage that it had been through. Most of my photos were backed up to an online storage site and I can order CDs through there. (And I have learned my lesson. I will be backing up at least my photos on a monthly basis.)

The day went pretty well after I sulked for a bit about my PC. The weather was amazing, despite the fact that it was damp. We ended up letting the kids ride their bikes around the neighborhood for about an hour, and Gypsy and I walked/jogged. During our ride/walk we ran into Matt's brother, who repairs PCs, and he said he had a tower with a good motherboard and he could transfer all my components and have my desktop up and running within a few hours. All for only $30. SWEET! So...we took the tower back over to him, and he said he would have it done for me by this morning.

So...this morning I woke feeling refreshed after our great evening (oh how I love warmer evenings.) We went to the ATM to get the money out for my PC repair, only to find a negative balance. WTF?!?! So...I come home and check my account only to find that my car insurance doubled charged us. UGH! This is the 3rd time they have done this in the past few years, I am thinking it might be time for a change. So, I checked with the bank and then called my ins. company to let them know about it. Well I faxed over all I needed to, and they called me back to say I am not sure we can refund this. WHAT?!?! Well it is still a pending transaction and until it actually posts to my account they won't fix it. The amount is the EXACT same amount as my ins payment that came out YESTERDAY! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?! Anyway...I transferred money from our savings account to cover the bank error but this is still frustrating.

OK....so Universe, I am begging for forgiveness. I am trying to be a better person inside and out, I promise to do good for the planet and the people who inhabit this planet. PLEASE allow my week to get better. I am not asking for a great week, just your average run of the mill week. Thank you!

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